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Vox quinquagenaria I’m, in the ‘corner’ drug-store over the week-end looking to re-up on the generic multivitamins that remain - to KL’s dismay - a part of my daily regime.  Well, I find the relevant aisle, awash with As, Bs of all denominations, Cs for days ... but of the all-in-ones there’s… OT 10/13/05 0
Hats off to Rummy I tuned in to NPR this morning just in time to catch the embattled Secretary deliver himself of this superb construction: "There’s no question but that challenges remain" [haud dubitari est quin + subj!]  Enough already! OT 09/06/05 0
Sardines in a Tin Do you remember the last time you actually ran across sardines in a tin()?  Having wolfed down ‘lunch’ (grilled lamb-chops, rice, sauce, brussels sprouts!) at something absurd like 4 pm, five hours later I was only  lookin’ for a mild calorie infusion and decided on a salad of romaine lettuce,… OT 09/06/05 0