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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Soho - Theatre of Life

Last week some time, I was proceeding in a northerly direction, on my way back to the office after the brief lunch-break that JD allows me, when I noticed a small crowd gathered at the dodgy end of Berwick Street.

On closer inspection, I spotted a bare-breasted, nipple-ringed (or is it rung?!) woman – of Eurasian/Amerindian complexion and hair – swaggering down the street (happily in my southerly direction!) with a faux-fur jacket slung recklessly over her shoulder. She could hardly be described as voluptuous, but was definitely scoring high on the sensuality-scale, as she teetered precariously on the appealing side of the may-need-a-shower-soon line!

It then came to my attention that she was posing for a shoot (of sorts) and as the photographer urgently fired away*, she stopped, threw her head back and was ‘fed’ a whole bunch of grapes by one of the fruit-sellers.

As you know, we at AOB, are so d*mn busy that I was not at liberty to hang about and fully to appreciate the artistry on display. I hurried back to my desk, without a second glance – or indeed a hint of regret!

[*disappointed not to force the double-entendre “exposure” in here somewhere!]

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