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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sardines in a Tin

Do you remember the last time you actually ran across sardines in a tin()?  Having wolfed down ‘lunch’ (grilled lamb-chops, rice, sauce, brussels sprouts!) at something absurd like 4 pm, five hours later I was only  lookin’ for a mild calorie infusion and decided on a salad of romaine lettuce, radish, carrots and - you guessed it! - sardines. Unlike the rusty, ‘Ahmet’-purchased specimens that we used to wrestle with back home, the key worked like a charm, so I had the lid off in no time flat ... and was then able to appreciate (for the first time, actually) the power of the simile.  I mean, dem suckas was wedged in there with geometrical precision!  Even with the olive oil dressing as a lubricant, it required serious effort to pry these guys loose ...

Posted by OT on 06 Sep around 4pm

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