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Friday, September 09, 2005

London Transport/ Tube - Weird Sightings

Jubilee line (northbound/Waterloo): three cute, cappucino girls between the ages of four and eight, ALL carrying a naked, white Barbie and being admonished by their very young, stressed-out brown sugar of a mother…”Destiny, get away from the door!” I kid you not!

Picadilly Circus (ticket area/underground): three oriental girls squatting in RPP* having a general chat about the state of the universe, as guys might do propping up the bar in a pub! [*Rice paddy position: Harvard track/training-speak, I believe]

Berwick St Market: pasty white, tattooed, female trader peeling and eating a mango with a knife, in the dangerous style of a male fruit-seller in Bakau market. She looked like she could use the vitamins too.


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