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Sunday, March 29, 2009

TRAGEDY: Judge Marcus Einfeld (Australia)

Having seen a marvellous production of Lear last night at the Young Vic,
it was all the more poignant to be reminded by Clive James on Radio 4’s
“Comment” this a.m. of the key elements of tragedy - viz. a fall from
lofty grace, as a result of a specific human failing.

He told the amazing story of the above-captioned, septuagenarian,
previously revered member of the judiciary, who now faces two years in
jail without parole for telling porkies - three laughably leaky alibis
in succession - about a speeding infraction (6 mph over the limit),
which ultimately resulted in a perjury conviction. I had somehow missed
this story in the course of my recent travels.

This is the first of a new series by Clive J., who as a Cantabrigian of
1960s vintage is always top value.

Podcast can be found at . Listen and weep.

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