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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vox quinquagenaria

I’m, in the ‘corner’ drug-store over the week-end looking to re-up on the generic multivitamins that remain - to KL’s dismay - a part of my daily regime.  Well, I find the relevant aisle, awash with As, Bs of all denominations, Cs for days ... but of the all-in-ones there’s nary a sign.  Observing my furrowed brief, one of the employees hurries forward to offer assistance and, when I announce my mission, responds thus.

"Are you fifty, Sir?  You don’t look it, but I’m supposed to ask."  I announce that, as of the previous week I have indeed been 50, and ask him what this has to do with my vitamins.  At which point, he proffers this positively geriatric-looking container with a label done in conspicuous white - for the extra calcium - with letters at least 2 font sizes larger than usual!!! You’ll be amused to hear that this was too much for me and that I insisted I’d be fine with the common-or-garden variety.

The indignities of seniority ...!

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