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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dispatch from Osaka - El Hadj

You may be amused to learn that we ended up at The Hyatt Regency (courtesy of Alex’s efforts on the Net) and got upgraded to a killer, bay-view room on the 27th/top floor for half the price of the more central Hilton, can you believe?!


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Posted by Dej on 03 Aug around 2pm

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Blue Orange

[MY NOTE: It is now just over a year since my last ‘review’ (’‘De La Guarda’’ ) , which largely wrote itself , as I had no intention of doing a review when I went to see the show . It was more a case of the spectacle staying with me and demanding to be recorded for posterity.  Last night’s performance was another such occasion ...]

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Posted by Dej on 03 Aug around 2pm

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A Life in the Day of Tae Kwon Do Red Belt

Ever since I was given a kung fu costume, aged about 11, I had wanted to emulate Bruce. But it was not until a couple of decades later that I finally joined Errol Williams’ Tae Kwon Do club, which convenes at various venues on the east side of London. This twenty year period of procrastination has cost me a lot of agony - mostly in the hip area - and the benefit of many years of track and field training does not seem to have helped much.

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“Hidden” (“Cache”), The Movie

With the “Da Vinci Code” bandwagon going like a runaway train, despite its most uncatholic reviews, one could be forgiven for not remembering the successes of last year’s annual film jamboree in Cannes. The winner of the Palme D’Or 2005 is still playing in one or two ‘very select’ cinemas in London, after a spectacular run on the big screen – for a film which many might argue is better suited to DVD* and the smaller screen…

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Posted by Dej on 03 Aug around 10am

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vox quinquagenaria

I’m, in the ‘corner’ drug-store over the week-end looking to re-up on the generic multivitamins that remain - to KL’s dismay - a part of my daily regime.  Well, I find the relevant aisle, awash with As, Bs of all denominations, Cs for days ... but of the all-in-ones there’s nary a sign.  Observing my furrowed brief, one of the employees hurries forward to offer assistance and, when I announce my mission, responds thus.

"Are you fifty, Sir?  You don’t look it, but I’m supposed to ask."  I announce that, as of the previous week I have indeed been 50, and ask him what this has to do with my vitamins.  At which point, he proffers this positively geriatric-looking container with a label done in conspicuous white - for the extra calcium - with letters at least 2 font sizes larger than usual!!! You’ll be amused to hear that this was too much for me and that I insisted I’d be fine with the common-or-garden variety.

The indignities of seniority ...!

Posted by OT on 13 Oct around 12pm

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